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We’re driven by our beliefs.

We founded Hyphen because we believe technology and data should unlock a better way to listen, engage and take action.

“We started Hyphen to tackle the critical gap we saw in how infrequently organizations listened to their people and how rarely they followed through on the data. The lack of listening and acting engenders a lack of trust, and this is what Hyphen is solving. At Hyphen, we are building a platform that will empower leaders, managers and HR teams with real-time data and immediate actions they can take to maximize the engagement, satisfaction, and productivity of their people.”

Arnaud Grunwald
Founder at Hyphen

We believe the future belongs to leaders who listen and take action.

The link between listening and improving business outcomes is why we built a suite of products that measure real-time engagement, open two way conversations, surface opportunities, and help leaders at every level prioritize the most important actions they should take. Our technology is accessible on any device and plugs right into the flow of work, giving our partners the power to include everyone in the conversation.

“It’s time to move from “feedback to action” in your entire employee engagement strategy, and look for tools and content that make this easy. Culture is more important than ever, but I”m happy to say the tools we use are getting pretty exciting, and this is going to make workplaces better every day.”

Josh Bersin 
Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

We believe in listening.

We look for partners who want to grow together towards the future of work. By listening to our partner’s challenges and goals, we’re identifying what engagement at work will look like next and building the tools that will strengthen it.

"I am always looking to help companies see the power of people analytics and insights. When I talk to HR Leaders, I often hear about the challenges they are facing with an increasingly millennial workforce that has a different relationship to work than previous generations. And they realize that listening, establishing trust and showing employees that you care about their feedback is mission critical to the future of any organization."

Sam Schlunz, HyphenSam Schlunz
Account Executive at Hyphen

We believe in great customer service.

We know that our growth is tied to our partner’s success. Our goal with every interaction is to listen closely, keep it simple and aim for delight.

"At Hyphen, we are intimately aware that we succeed when our customers succeed. That is a singular focus within our Customer Success group.  As a feedback company, we are always looking to continually learn and improve while exceeding the expectations of those that trust us with their business."

Dustin Moody
Customer Success at Hyphen

Employee trust cements the employer-employee partnership.


Employee trust cements the employer-employee partnership.

Employees who have trust in their employer are more engaged, are stronger advocates for the organization, remain far more loyal than employees who lack trust.

2019 Edelman Trust Barometer

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