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Make everyone feel heard.

Shrink the space between leaders and employees by starting honest conversations safely and securely.

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Identify opportunities to improve engagement or tap the wisdom of the crowd with easy two-way channels.

Turn listening into doing

Hyphen Insights analyzes conversations and identifies the best opportunities to make a positive impact. Help your leaders and managers act on conversations with step-by-step Hyphen Action Plans.

Turn listening into doing

Start honest conversations

Dedicated two-way channels help leaders open the conversation with employees and make everyone feel heard.

Start honest conversations

Understand the sentiment behind what you're hearing

Hyphen algorithms pre-digest multiple conversations, automatically analyzing the topics and opinions that are creating the most buzz across regions and segments of the workforce.

Understand the sentiment behind what you're hearing

Crowdsource innovation from the bottom up

Encourage diverse perspectives, creativity and innovation by tapping the wisdom of the crowd in real time.

Crowdsource innovation from the bottom up

Stay in the flow of work

Hyphen’s easy integrations mean conversations never have to leave the workstream.

Let the best ideas win fair and square

Give everyone an equal chance to weigh-in on ideas with real time voting.

Automate anonymity

Automatically trigger anonymity settings when the honesty's too much.

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Inclusive Listening

Turn employees into advocates of change by rewarding great ideas and thoughtful action.

Smarter Insights

Analyze multiple conversations in real time, block the noise and get straight to the truth.

Faster Change

Identify cultural blind-spots and zero in on more opportunities to engage.

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