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Tap a real time pulse, big or small.

Capturing and interpreting high frequency signals on how employees think, feel and behave is simple with Hyphen Pulse.

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Zero in quickly on real time opportunities to drive engagement, celebrate wins, and prevent negative spirals.

Stay proactive with Hyphen Insights

Spot emerging trends early and create proactive step-by-step action plans with powerful analytics from Hyphen Insights.

Stay proactive with Hyphen Insights

Get started quickly

Configure and launch pulse polls to specific teams or the whole organization in just a few clicks.

Get started quickly

Customize frequency

Set the cadence and capture consistent pulses using time or event based launch triggers.

Customize frequency

Turn listening into doing

Quickly interpret pulse results and deliver action plans that drive impact.

Improve response rates

Optimize participation by automating mobile, targeted reminders.

Keep everyone honest

Create a safe place for honesty with two-way anonymity when you need it.

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Inclusive Listening

Mobile first and multi-language means leaders can include everyone, every time.

Smarter Insights

Honest responses equal better data. With Hyphen Pulse Polls employees are free to truly speak their mind.

Faster Change

Hyphen Insights and Action Plans deliver consumable coaching for managers on the move.

Stay in the flow of work

Hyphen Pulse stays right in the flow of work inside the world's favorite productivity apps like Slack!, Facebook Workplace, Beekeeper and more.

Stay in the flow of work
Sujay Jadhav

“I love the speed that Hyphen brings to the process of checking in with my whole organization. With Hyphen, I now get feedback on ideas and changes in a matter of days as opposed to months. Every CEO should have access to the kind of insights that Hyphen is able to provide.” 

Sujay Jadhav
CEO, goBalto

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