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Turn listening into improving.

Powerful A.I. converts unstructured feedback into prescriptive insights and prioritized action plans that drive engagement.

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Hyphen algorithms combine behavioral science, advanced analytics and industry benchmarks to turn feedback into action.

Continuous listening. Prescriptive insights.

Instantly see pulse, survey and voice data in sophisticated visualizations that slice and dice just what you need, including heat maps, category segmentation, trends, sentiment, and employee participation.

Continuous listening. Prescriptive insights.

Deliver prescriptive coaching to strengthen your leaders

Hyphen Action Plans offer consumable, bite sized advice that helps leaders prioritize what to do next and make a bigger impact.

Deliver prescriptive coaching to strengthen your leaders

Focus leaders with custom views

Help leaders and managers focus with role-based access that lets them slice and dice their most relevant data.

Focus leaders with custom views

More data. More insights.

3.3 million Data points

Hyphen Insights gets smarter over time. Millions of data points strengthen algorithms and accelerate machine learning.

2,000 Industry Benchmarks

Set more meaningful goals, track your progress against metrics that matter and raise the bar on engagement.

120,000 Voice comments

Our sentiment analysis engine reads between the lines (and the slang) to interpret what employees are truly feeling.

150,000 Employees heard

Our multi-lingual natural language processing engine gets stronger every time an employee speaks up.

114,000 Pulse questions

Hyphen Insights automatically collects critical data points in real-time.

140,000 Survey comments

Hyphen Insights automatically analyzes employee sentiment, comments and survey answers.

Track progress

Let managers easily track and report their progress on specific action plans.

Measure impact

Use Hyphen's 2000 Industry Benchmarks to create smarter goals and measure impact.

Improve retention

Identify hotspots, predict attrition risk and act quickly.

Continuously gauge sentiment

Stay proactive by monitoring trending topics and identifying both positive and negative sentiment.

Continuously gauge sentiment

Let the tech do the heavy-lifting

Pull data right from your HRIS to automatically define audiences, grant visibility permissions and trigger tasks like onboarding and exit surveys.

Let the tech do the heavy-lifting