"Hyphen is truly a game-changer in how we can establish a listening culture within our organization!"

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Hyphen helped us get more actionable feedback in the first few days of us using it company wide, than in the 6 months before that. Hyphen is truly a game changer and is helping us stay engaged with our employees and ensuring that they feel heard. The positive uptick of our Glassdoor reviews has been great to see too!
Roopesh Nair
President & CEO, Hodes
As an organization, we have always understood the importance of Engagement & Culture. But, with the evolving business landscape, we saw the need for a solution that could help us be more proactive in capturing real-time feedback and addressing it there and then. Utilising the Hyphen tool, allowed us to communicate with our staff in a new and socially engaging way, especially through the Pulse Polls. Our use of Hyphen helped us surface previously unknown feedback and sentiment, which in turn has allowed us now to be more effective in addressing and engaging with our people.
Matthew Thomas
General Manager, Human Resources at Racing & Wagering WA (RWWA)
Hyphen has helped us move past the usual annual satisfaction surveys. With Hyphen, we are now getting ideas and feedback on a real-time basis. And these are not just the employee satisfaction related ones, but business focused ones such as new revenue generating and cost saving ideas. Hyphen is truly a game-changer in how companies can establish a listening culture within their organizations!
Kevin Freitas
Global Head of Recruiting & Rewards, inMobi
I love the speed that Hyphen brings to the process of checking in with my whole organization. With Hyphen, I now get feedback on ideas and changes in a matter of days as opposed to months. Every CEO should have access to the kind of insights that Hyphen is able to provide.
Sujay Jadhav
CEO, goBalto

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Hyphen been a great tool to address concerns and have honest discussions.
Aint no party like a hyphen party cause a hyphen party don't stop!
Informative and enjoyable on so many levels. Though everything can't be addressed or changed, important for leadership to know what's on people's minds. Thanks for giving us the chance to be so candid and living the core value.
The conversations on Hyphen are real, and it really helps me to see how positive my coworkers are!
Hyphen gives me an opportunity to share feedback we otherwise would not have.
I am a new employee and if not for Hyphen, I wouldn't have felt comfortable sharing some my ideas to the company.